. Pseudodifferential Weyl Calculus on (Pseudo-)Riemannian Manifolds. Preprint.

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. Quantum Energy Inequalities in Pre-Metric Electrodynamics. Phys. Rev. D 97, 025019 (2018).

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. Feynman Propagators on Static Spacetimes. Rev. Math. Phys. 30, 1850006 (2018).

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. Enumerating Permutations by their Run Structure. Elect. J. Comb. 21, P4.18 (2014).

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Currently (summer term 2019) I am teaching:

  • Measure and Integration Theory
  • Risk Theory

Previously I taught:

  • Introduction to Stochastics
  • Seminar on Wave Equations (Theory and Applications)
  • Exercises for Functional Analysis II
  • Exercises for Mathematical Introduction to Quantum Field Theory